Supply your customers via the highly available infrastructure

FL1 Wholesale Data enables our partners to supply their customers in Liechtenstein via the highly available infrastructure of Telecom Liechtenstein. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with global players in the telecommunications market in Europe and as part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, we are able to offer our services at attractive prices worldwide. Our products and services are available in a wide variety of designs and interfaces and can be tailored to your needs.

Virtual Leased Lines | Layer2

The Virtual Leased Lines can be implemented as Layer2 transparently with guaranteed bandwidths from Endpoint to Endpoint and with the optimally matched Service Level Agreements for our partners.


IP-uplink: the professional internet access

Our IP-uplink is the professional internet access from Telecom Liechtenstein AG. Through our redundant, congestion-free and scalable network infrastructure, we realize high-performance and high-availability Internet access for our partners and customers.


Optimal latency times for applications and partners

Through the existing data highways and our own peering points with the global players among others in Z├╝rich, Glattbrugg and Vienna, we achieve optimal latency times for our applications and those of our partners.