IMSI Sponsoring

Best possible network coverage at lowest price

You offer the SIM cards and solutions of the future and need the best possible network coverage and the lowest prices? Then Telecom Liechtenstein is the perfect partner for you. Trough decades with many partners we have gained the necessary experience for effective Time to Market project management. In addition, the most important point for an efficiently partnership is our competent and specific team, which offers you short decisions and direct contacts based on more than ten years of experience.

Sucsess Stories

Telecom Liechtenstein was one of the first operators around the world who started supporting MULTI SIM MVNOs by sponsoring their roaming coverage to such SIM Cards.

NOW Telecom serves MVNOs in the USA, Japan, Israel and Europe. More than 10 Million Liechtenstein IMSIs are asigned already to MULTI IMSI SIM Cards. Mainly for m2m and IoT solutions but also for some Travellar Offers as well!