The digital Conversation

There is no standard in this business. We enable individual solutions for snow resorts as also fleet management solutions for small and big companies. If you are looking for an solution and not only for some kind of vendor, please feel free to get in contact and we run your business smarter!


Fleet-Management & Asset Tracking

Optimally utilize machines and fleets instead of managing outages. Do interruptions, service maintenances and thefts burden your machine and fleet management? Through digitalization, you can keep an eye on those costs.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) offers fascinating opportunities for data-driven business models. Therefore required: Systems and machines must be networked. With our IoT-platform, it is possible to fulfil your individual needs.

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Optimize service maintenance, reduce shutdown-times, save energy and costs, gain efficiency. Good asset management reduces shutdown-times through predictive service maintenance and increases efficiency through greater availability.

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Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the world of work. Connected products, the Internet of Things and interaction with customers: The amount of data gained can no longer be recovered manually.

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We offer Infrastructure-Asset-Service (IaAS), Platform-Asset-Service (PAS) and Software-Asset-Service (SAS) as well.

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