Billing issues, efficient user-management, easy-of-use, multi-SIM capability and access to the platform 24 hours a day are just some of the dozens of possibilities. Telecom Liechtenstein offers you two different platforms to meet your needs best.

TELECOM LIECHTENSTEIN enables hundred thausands of SIMs for big enterprises all over the world. Either directly or via some partners. A lot of those Enterprises profit from the time-to-market perspective and the longterm experience.

Customers and Partners can choose between 2 innovative platforms:

Platform 1

Create and configure your device and allow it to instantly attach to any available network. Define network selection priorities for individual countries, based on signal strength and price. Activate, suspend or deactivate your device connectivity in real-time. Define data consumption caps and access permissions for each individual device. Aggregate your usage of Data, SMS or USSD across all active devices. Assign and reassign SIMs in real-time without losing the configuration of your device.

Million of SIM Cards are running via this platform which is mainly Cloud based with local breakouts in 3 regions worldwide.


Platform 2

With this platform you will receive the full power of the Telekom Austria Group. More than a million of SIM Cards are helping to digitalize the business of hundreds of enterprises within Europe and the central eastern region. The A1 Digital Simplify was buildt for a smarter future and a big croud of specialists are working on realising new features all the time.